Make a difference in the lives of others

Get treatment at no cost.

Get paid for participation.

Benefits of clincal research

Medical Care

High-quality medical care at no cost to you

New Treatment

Access to new medications or treatments not widely available to others

Help Find A Cure

Potential cure or treatment of your medical condition

Help Others

Opportunity to help others and make an impact for the greater good


Most clinical trials are paid research studies

Years of research is conducted on each new medication or device prior to it being introduced in larger phase II or phase III clinical trials. Before it even gets to a phase II or phase III level it must have passed rigorous safety tests and met effectiveness checkpoints along the way.

Become A Clinical Research Volunteer

If you have ever taken a prescription or over-the-counter (OTC) medication, your life is being touched by clinical studies and its patient participants. Through the clinical research process, medications, medical devices, and vaccines are developed for those who need them most. Patient participants volunteer to assist researcher doctors in testing the safety and efficacy of medications and devices. By participating, you enable countless others to benefit from your efforts. Most of our research trials will pay you for your time, travel, and/or mileage.

Clinical Trial Participation
What to Expect

By participating in a clinical trial with Physicians Research Group you can expect:

  • Complete and timely answers to all of your questions
  • A dedicated research coordinator to speak with
  • Expert and thorough medical care and guidance
  • Access to quality medical care and medications not available through other means
  • More exams and testing than normally received with routine medical care
  • Support from a team of medical providers
  • Expert advice regarding your medical condition
  • The knowledge that you are helping others
  • You are often paid for research; we issue check at each visit or immediately following your visit.

Physicians Research Group offers clinical research as a care option.

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