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Leading Medical Research.
Moving Forward. Together.™

Leading Medical Research.
Moving Forward. Together.™

Clinical Trials As A Care Option

At Physicians Research Group, our mission is to improve people's lives through the advancement of safe and effective medical treatments.

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Why Participate?

Patient participants volunteer to assist researcher doctors in testing the safety and efficacy of medications and devices. By participating, you enable countless others to benefit from your efforts.

How Do I Participate?

Complete an enrollment form for any of our studies or call (800) 774-1534.

Do I Get Paid For Time & Travel?

Most of our research trials will pay you for your time, travel, and/or mileage. We provide payment at each visit or immediately following your visit.


We consider our your needs and interests first and foremost! You can expect exceptional medical care and unmatched attention to detail from our team of expert physicians and researchers. We will keep you fully informed and completely updated every step of the way.

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We can only be dedicated to sponsor results by remaining 100% Patient-Driven. We have found through our years of successful Clinical Trials and high Industry Success Rates, that when the patient is truly taken care of the numbers take care of themselves.

Large Physician Network

PRG maintains contractual relationships with a large network of specialty physician practices and healthcare institutions for clinical trials

Single Point of Contact

Our internal project management services provide simplicity and streamlined contracting. We are a multi-site network with a single point of accountability.


Our better data is a direct result of an extremely efficient research process coupled with exceptional staff training. The result is patient satisfaction and higher compliance rates which, in turn, leads right back to better data for our sponsors.

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Top Investigational Partners

Our Investigational Partners are an equally important part of the equation, and we treat them as such. PRG can attract top Physician Investigators for the same reason that we can achieve Better Data and extremely high Patient Satisfaction Rates.

PRG Handles The Daunting Work

The ability to offer expanded treatment options and increased access to health care, and the opportunity to collect additional revenue without adding extra staff or taking on financial burden to the practice.

Give Your Patients More

Clinical trials tailored to your practice. With PRG, healthcare providers gain additional treatment options at reduced or no cost and stipends for time and travel.


An efficient Research Process that is custom tailored to each independent practice and study management services where we handle all the paperwork are just two of the many benefits enjoyed by our Investigators.

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Our expert team of physicians and researchers ensures that all patient data is collected with integrity and accuracy.


We conduct research based on patient care, not based on enrollment numbers or demands.


Dedicated research coordinators are assigned to each trial to manage the workload of multiple primary investigators.


Bringing together the three critical components of Clinical Research – Participant, Sponsor and Investigator, and providing an exceptional Research Process and unmatched Customer Service is what we do!

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An international research site management organization founded on passion, experience and vision.

Expansion to sites throughout the United States, Ireland, South America, New Zealand, and Southeast Asia.

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Experience in over 20 specialties.

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Success conducting over 135 trials.

PRG's Global Expansion

1. U.S. Expansion

PRG’s mission of providing clinical trials as a care option for physicians to offer to their patients has allowed expansion to Arizona, California, Alabama, Georgia, and Indianapolis.

2. International Expansion

Difficulty in patient recruitment has led biopharmaceutical companies to shift towards non-US regions for cost efficiency and quick patient recruitment. PRG has offices now in Ireland and New Zealand.

3. Elite Business

PRG has defined roles, expertise, processes, procedures, and profitability. With an established respectable reputation, PRG has secured 100% of healthcare providers approached to participate.

Meet the Leadership Team

Robert Wallace

Robert Wallace, BS, CCRC

President and Chief Executive Officer

15 years of clinical research, business development, and health care experience; founded PRG with the mission of providing clinical trials as a care option for physicians to offer to their patients.

Maureen Forgarty

Maureen Banning, RN, FNE

Associate Director of Clinical Affairs & Clinical Research Site Manager

Provides our principal investigators with tools to identify potential patients and truly understand the benefits of clinical trials. Maureen established and manages our Indiana research sites.

Jason Babcock

Jason Babcock, MBA CMPE ACRP-CP

Chief Operating Officer

Over 25 years of experience in managing medical institutions with a breadth of knowledge including finance, HR, business development, operational improvement, and all aspects of clinical trials.

Emily Babcock, DHS, PA-C

Director of Clinical Affairs

Dr. Babcock's objective is to enhance relationships between PRG and our principal investigator sites, while educating or re-educating physicians and staff on the current trials and the benefits they pose over the standard of care medications or procedures.

Amanda Atrostic, RN

Clinical Research Site Manager

Over 20 years of clinical research experience. Amanda is a hand's on CRC and manager, responsible for the supervision of the Arizona research sites, ensuring the Company’s policies, processes, and procedures are implemented and observed.

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Give us a call or drop by anytime, we endeavor to answer all inquiries within 24 hours on business days.

Participating in paid research studies is rewarding and may provide treatment options. Find a clinical trial near you.

Moving Forward. Together.™