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Clinical Trial Holds Hope for Breaking the Psoriasis-Fatigue Cycle

If you suffer from psoriasis, you probably find that the holiday season brings more than cheer and excitement. The stress and fatigue that come with holiday preparations and non-stop festivities create the perfect recipe for plaque flare-ups. And those plaque flare-ups can actually make you more tired.

But Why Does Psoriasis Make Me So Tired?

There are proteins in the body, called cytokines, that are released during inflammatory reactions, such as psoriasis. It is hypothesized that these cytokines are working hard to help control the immune system’s inflammatory response—an activity that requires a lot of energy. This means that having the ability to control your psoriasis could actually save your body this output of energy, and this will make you feel better and less tired. And if you are less tired, you are less likely to have a flare up during a stressful time.

Clinical Trial Offers Hope for Psoriasis Sufferers

There is a plethora of pills, topical, and biologic injections that can help control psoriasis for many people. But if you have tried multiple therapies and nothing has worked, should you just keep taking or using something that provides minimal or no improvement? Most would say no!

Researchers are making advancements toward finding new, more ideal and effective medications for individuals dealing with the various types of psoriasis. If current therapies or medications haven’t worked for you, consider enrolling in a clinical trial.

Physicians Research Group is currently enrolling for a clinical trial looking at a promising topical medication to help reduce the symptoms and size of plaque psoriasis lesions. Apply for enrollment to the study, or sign up for the blog to keep updated on current research information and future studies that are available to the public.

Your participation in a clinical trial could help you find relief from plaque psoriasis and, at the same time, you could be helping others in the same situation.

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